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, distributer
1. Commerce a wholesaler or middleman engaged in the distribution of a category of goods, esp to retailers in a specific area
2. the device in a petrol engine that distributes the high-tension voltage to the sparking plugs in the sequence of the firing order
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a device in the ignition system of a carburetor-type internal-combustion engine that is designed to transmit high-voltage electric current to the spark plugs.

A distributor consists of a low-voltage current interrupter and a high-voltage current distributor, which are driven by an engine camshaft. The interrupter opens the primary circuit of the ignition coil at a specific moment, thereby causing induction of a high-voltage current in the secondary winding. The high-voltage current is fed through the distributor, which consists of a current-carrying rotor and a cover with electrical contacts, to the spark plugs of the appropriate cylinders. Regulating devices on the distributor automatically vary the timing of the spark advance according to the mode of operation of the engine. (See alsoIGNITION.)

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Any device which allocates a telegraph line to each of a number of channels, or to each row of holes on a punched tape, in succession.
A rotary switch that directs the high-voltage ignition current in the proper firing sequence to the various cylinders of an internal combustion engine.
The electronic circuitry which acts as an intermediate link between the accumulator and drum storage.
A device for delivering an exact amount of fuel at the exact time at which it is required.
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Alain Godet, founder, ITdistri and co-founder, ChannelHub, said, "We voluntarily limited ourselves to the Top 30 distributors for the larger European countries but will have to club other smaller countries into blocs and will probably have to restrict ourselves to Top 20 in some of them."
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One thing we heard time and time again from wineries was that they need distributors. They find the three-tier system indispensable--even when they also may sell wine directly to consumers.
Till a few years ago, distributors were earning commissions of 5-6 per cent.
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Q: Why do fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies appoint distributors instead of doing distribution themselves?
Distributors seem like employees, because they sell and deliver a supplier's products and services to the marketplace.

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