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C10H20N2S4 A drug used to treat alcohol abuse that blocks the metabolism of acetaldehyde, the major metabolite of ethanol, causing a rapid buildup of acetaldehyde and a severe physiological syndrome intended to prevent or modify further immediate drinking behavior. Also known as Antabuse.



(also teturamin, Antabuse), a drug used to treat alcoholism. Disulfiram inhibits the oxidation of alcohol, causing acetic aldehyde to accumulate. As a result, the consumption of alcohol leads to such symptoms as sensation of heat, tightness in the chest, heart palpitations, anxiety, and vomiting. Disulfiram is taken orally in the form of tablets. Treatment is first undertaken in a hospital.

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Disulfiram induces apoptosis in human melanoma cells: a redox-related process.
Disulfiram induces copper-dependent stimulation of reactive oxygen species and activation of the extrinsic apoptotic pathway in melanoma.
Disulfiram does not address cravings and the patient has to be highly motivated to quit.
Scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Turku found that the antibiotic, combined with small amounts of the compounds disulfiram (Antabus), thiram, and tricostatin A, slowed prostate cancer cell growth without interfering with normal prostate tissue.
People should talk with their doctor if they take or plan to take metronidazole (Flagyl(R)) or disulfiram (Antabuse(R)).
In SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, exposure to exogenous dopamine generates DOPAL (11), and ALDH inhibition by disulfiram augments dopamine-related cytotoxicity in this setting (11).
He soon booked himself into a clinic in Riga, Latvia, to undergo the treatment and also had an implant of Disulfiram - a drug which footballer George Best is known to have turned to - which causes users to be violently ill if they consume alcohol.
In combination with disulfiram, Azrin and colleges found CRA to be successful in this population (Meyers & Smith 1995; Azrin et al.
Coprinus sendromunda mantarla beraber alkol tuketildiginde disulfiram benzeri reaksiyon gelisir ve 2-4 saatte duzelir.
Other medications such as nakrexone and disulfiram can help people recover from alcohol addiction.
Other medications such as naltrexone and disulfiram can help people recover from alcohol addiction.
There is another called Antabuse or Disulfiram, which makes you violently sick if you drink.