an urban-type settlement in the Dobrianka Raion of the Perm’ Oblast, RSFSR. Railroad station located 40 km northeast of Perm’. Its industries are oil extraction and timber procurement enterprises.

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Dee, PhD, Division of Reproductive Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC; Divia P.
Mounted as part of the Victoria & Albert Museum's ongoing India Festival, held to mark the 25th anniversary of the Museum's Nehru Gallery, the exhibition is curated by Rosemary Crill and Divia Patel, and showcases more than 200 pieces, spanning 2,000 years of India's textile history.
The broad geographic and chronological scope of the display, so apparent in these galleries, is such that co-curators Rosemary Crill and Divia Patel have neither aimed for a comprehensive history nor tried to lead visitors through an argument.
No ultimo contato com os sujeitos de pesquisa, o desenho das ATs se divia em: Area de Atencao Clinico-Cirurgica a Mulher, Area de Atencao Clinico-Cirurgica a Gestante, Area de Atencao Clinica ao Neonato, Area de Atencao Clinica a Crianca e ao Adolescente e Area de Atencao Cirurgica a Crianca e ao Adolescente.
Prabhas Ranjan Tripathy (1), Debasish Das (2), Divia Paul A (3)
UK national Brunsden has had a long and varied career in his home country, India and Japan, including with Christopher Oakes at Stafford Hotel London, Fergus Henderson at St John, Zuma London, and Australian-born restaurateur Will Ricker, before working with Divia Cadbury for Ai in New Delhi for 11 months, and then spending five years in Shanghai with M1NT Restaurant & Grill.
For Divia Forbes, MPH, going the online route meant she could continue to work and take care of her family and ailing parents.
I grew up with kids who used a few of the words--I heard "mush" all the time, and "divia" and "quistyan--but most of the others belong to the generation before mine.
Cond Nast Traveler IndiaOs editor-in-chief Divia Thani will moderate a panel of luxury travelOs movers and shakers during this yearOs Opening Forum event.
(12) Rachel Dwyer and Divia Patel, Cinema India: The Visual Culture of Hindi Film (London: Reaktion Books, 2002), 11.