Diving Suit

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diving suit

[′dīv·iŋ ‚süt]
A waterproof outfit designed for diving, especially one with a helmet connected to a compressed-air hose.

Diving Suit


diving equipment that protects the diver from excessive cold and trauma.

There are two kinds of diving suits. The waterproof suit made of rubberized fabric can be all one piece or come with detachable hood, gloves, and boots. The breathing tube from the diving apparatus is connected to its helmet. The water-permeable suit (wet suit) is composed of a tight-fitting shirt and hood of porous rubber and separate pants with attached stockings. There are many sizes and styles, depending on the diving apparatus used.

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Leonardo travels to Venice, a city under siege by the Turks, and approaches the Venetian authorities with ideas for a futuristic and unconventional means of attack - an underwater army, clothed in leather diving suits.
Steve Entwistle |in his diving suit during his epic walk
Anderson, she said, speculated that Morton had worn his diving suit as a disguise during the murder and that's why there was no blood on his clothing.
For example, a lightweight hook-and-loop strap is appropriate when diving to allow the watch to be worn over the neoprene diving suit.
The meeting was informed that the District water rescue teams are equipped with professional water rescue equipment such as fiber glass boat, Inflate-able rubber boat, dry suit, full body and seat rescue harness, life jackets, multiple gas detectors, diving suit, floating lines and life buoys.
Left behind booty includes a 6ft snake, a whip alongside a copy of the Karma Sutra, a full-sized air hockey table, two budgies and a scuba diving suit complete with air tank and flippers.
Among the other items left behind were frozen chicken feet, an inflatable pool, which was filled with water, a scuba diving suit and a pole-dancing pole.
Police diver PC Peter Gough told the inquest it was possible Louis had insufficient air to put more into the diving suit he was wearing.
Mum-of-two Lynn Herriot "sank like a stone" after the rocks were put in the pockets of her diving suit.
It is completed by two personalised straps, one of rubber with the traditional large-size buckle made of brushed steel, personalised with the logo of the Officine Panerai Manufacture, and the other, a spare one for wearing over a diving suit (supplied with the screwdriver for changing the strap).
But, with the creation of the deep sea diving suit, man can go deeper than his predecessors.