Diving Suit

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diving suit

[′dīv·iŋ ‚süt]
A waterproof outfit designed for diving, especially one with a helmet connected to a compressed-air hose.
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Diving Suit


diving equipment that protects the diver from excessive cold and trauma.

There are two kinds of diving suits. The waterproof suit made of rubberized fabric can be all one piece or come with detachable hood, gloves, and boots. The breathing tube from the diving apparatus is connected to its helmet. The water-permeable suit (wet suit) is composed of a tight-fitting shirt and hood of porous rubber and separate pants with attached stockings. There are many sizes and styles, depending on the diving apparatus used.

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Technavio's report, Global Diving Suit Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
However, the plan was ultimately shelved after Donovan's handler Milan Miskovsky, a CIA lawyer, told him to make sure that the diving suit he had managed to obtain for Castro was not tampered with by the CIA.
Steve Entwistle |in his diving suit during his epic walk
Snakes, diving suits and skeletons have replaced traffic cones and road signs as the 'musthave' collectables left behind by students in Birmingham.
* The first diving suit was made by Augustus Siebe in the early 19th century.
Decked out in an antique diving suit, Scott plunged into the Atlantic tank at the London Aquarium in a publicity stunt dreamed up by BVI for the DVD launch of "Finding Nemo." Lloyd watched the film with subtitles available on the DVD combined with a sound system to transmit the audio situated outside the tank.
1483-1519 Leonardo da Vinci, famous for his paintings and sculptures, also does an immense amount of scientific work, including sketching early designs for a lifebelt and a diving suit. In drawings displayed at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy, a leather diving suit shows cane hoses fixed together by leather joints, supported by steel spirals, to enable the diver to breathe.
He carried two oxygen tanks in case he became trapped, but could stay for only 30 minutes below the ice in his rubberised, thermal-lined diving suit. As soon as he was out of the water, the suit froze in the air.
The body clad in a diving suit found on a beach in South Korea's Kangwon Province on Sunday.