Diving Suit

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diving suit

[′dīv·iŋ ‚süt]
A waterproof outfit designed for diving, especially one with a helmet connected to a compressed-air hose.

Diving Suit


diving equipment that protects the diver from excessive cold and trauma.

There are two kinds of diving suits. The waterproof suit made of rubberized fabric can be all one piece or come with detachable hood, gloves, and boots. The breathing tube from the diving apparatus is connected to its helmet. The water-permeable suit (wet suit) is composed of a tight-fitting shirt and hood of porous rubber and separate pants with attached stockings. There are many sizes and styles, depending on the diving apparatus used.

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The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global diving suit market for 2016-2020.
And among the 'booty' which was discovered was a fully-fitted pole dancing pole, a six-foot snake, a whip alongside a copy of the Karma Sutra, two budgies and a scuba diving suit complete with air tank and flippers.
The 'booty' discovered includes a fully-fitted pole dancing pole, a 6ft snake, a whip alongside a copy of the Kama Sutra, two budgies and a scuba diving suit complete with air tank and flippers.
Alex Mitrani [correct], 32, of Northumberland Avenue, Gosforth, saw the women, wearing diving suits and
With the advent of cheap neoprene after the war, mass-produced diving suits became more affordable, and the formation of diving associations such as the British Sub Aqua Club (1953), the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI; 1960) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI; 1966) allowed people to obtain a recognised qualification in the sport.
Trelleborg Protective Products, which is included in the Trelleborg Engineered Systems business area, develops and markets protective products for extreme environments, including chemical protective suits of the Trellchem[R] brand and diving suits of the Viking brand.
The request for information concerns the surface rescue uniforms, Boat driver costumes and diving suits for pirkanmaa rescue service.
And they are now considering a full Elvis diving suit, complete with sequins.
Inflatable Motor Rescue Boats (along with Synthetic Life Jackets, Life Buoys, Personal diving kits, Dive fins, Gloves, BA sets light weight with spare cylinder, Diving Suits and Under Water Torch etc.
requisites including diving suits, projectors, diving shoes and locks, (c) supply of 15 compact navigation lights, (d) marine paints for vessels & marine units & (e) other raw materials & equipment for the same.
Leonardo travels to Venice, a city under siege by the Turks, and approaches the Venetian authorities with ideas for a futuristic and unconventional means of attack - an underwater army, clothed in leather diving suits.