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, Djaja
Mount a mountain in E Indonesia, in Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) in the Sudirman Range: the highest mountain in New Guinea. Height: 5039 m (16 532 ft.)
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(until 1965, Carstensz; until 1969, Sukarno), a mountain peak in Indonesia on the western island of New Guinea. It is the highest peak in Oceania and is situated in the Sudirman Mountains; the elevation is 5,029 m. The peak is composed of crystalline rock. Above 4,400 m the snow is perennial and there are glaciers (approximately 15 sq km in area).

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Therefore, all events in the roadshows in each city are specially prepared so that they can be enjoyed, while being able to provide inspiration and insight for these young people, especially in working in any form, 'concluded Edward Christian Djaja.
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The likenesses of famous Indonesians from the past who have been entered into the heroes' pantheon by governments of the Republic of Indonesia are idealised inventions, as seen, for example in Tamar Djaja's Pusaka Indonesia.
The second and third chapters are authored by Djaja D.
Moreover, Lohanda's spelling of proper names is very confusing; for example, is "Tjing's father was Nata Naija Wijaya" meant to be read as "Cing's father was Nata Naiya Wijaya", or "Tjing's father was Nata Naidja Widjaja'." Other variations in spelling such as Jelan Jaiya Abdul Kadier and Djelan Djaija (Djaja?) Abdul Kadier may be a problem for some readers.
In the audit's results, the auditing company said Djaja had withdrawn 135 billion rupiah from PT Mandala Airlines.
In particular, then chief of the influential Army Strategic Reserve (Kostrad), Lieutenant-General Djaja Suparman, said that "continuing humiliation of the Army generals would hurt the pride of their soldiers and could spark their ire".
The bank was set up in 1971 through the merger of Bank Industri dan Dagang Indonesia, Bank Kemakmuran and Bank Industri Djaja Indonesia.
Djaja Suparman, widely known to be a Wiranto backer.
Djaja Suparman, commander of the Jakarta Military Command said Sunday.