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see JakartaJakarta
or Djakarta
, city and special district (1990 pop. 8,227,746), capital and largest city of Indonesia, NW Java, at the mouth of the canalized Ciliwung River, on Jakarta Bay, an inlet of the Java Sea.
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, Djakarta
the capital of Indonesia, in N West Java: founded in 1619 and ruled by the Dutch until 1945; the chief trading centre of the East in the 17th century; University of Indonesia (1947). Pop.: 8 347 083 (2000)
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45) '1961 Djakarta, June-Dec', copy of Day, chairman Indonesia-Europe Freight Conference, to Ismojo, DL, 29-11-1961, OA/1869/1.
A series of 14 articles in English in The Djakarta Times [an English-language daily newspaper, Jakarta], June 1-24 1970.
In the first week of January 1957 I was on a Pan-American flight from Singapore to Djakarta seated next to a remarkable Indonesian scholar and nationalist, S.
Rostow himself proposes as a solution to this crisis "the dilemmas and worries of the men in Djakarta, Rangoon, New Delhi, and Karachi; the men in Tehran, Baghdad, and Cairo; the men South of the desert too, in Accra, Lagos, and Salisbury" (166).
In his speech before NAM's 16th Ministerial Conference opened in the Indonesian capital, Djakarta, Zebari asserted Iraq's commitment to support the Palestinians' struggle to regain their rights in establishing a Palestinian state with Quds being its capital and the withdrawal from all Palestinian territories.
The Dutch became a colonial power in the 17th century, and de Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC; Dutch East India Company) was set up in 1602, with a head office in Asia at Djakarta (then known as Batavia), Indonesia in charge of trading.
But it is urgent that Mennonites also consciously learn how to be church in Chicago, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, Berlin, London, Kinshasa, Bulawayo, Asuncion or Djakarta if they are going to contextualize the Gospel and "out-narrate" the dominant narratives of the globalized mega-city driven by profit, economic growth and violence, all increasingly fueled by common media sources.
La revolucion en los transportes y en los medios de comunicacion -Internet y DVD incluidos- han dado origen a una revolucion territorial: en 50 anos, la Meca (Arabia Saudita) ha pasado del simple rango de capital etnica regional a la de capital ideologica mundial, a medio camino entre Londres y Djakarta, a medio camino entre Abidjan (Costa de Marfil) y Xining en el Norte de China.
In sommige van die vertellings Ioop hy ver terug op die spore van bekende geskiedkundige figure soos byvoorbeeld die volksplanter, Jan van Riebeeck in Djakarta, die voormalige Batavia ("Grafgesprek met 'n volksplanter", p.
Later, in June 1963, during a visit to Indonesia, Smulders met with the bishops at Djakarta and with them prepared an evaluation of the revised text De divina revelatione, which had been distributed to all the Vatican II bishops in May 1963.
Family" meant my wife Penny and our four children--Jeff, David, Susan, and John, born respectively in Managua, Djakarta, Fairfax, and Dakar.
Cuenta desde su ninez en Hawai, primero, y luego en Djakarta con su madre blanca, cuyo amor le sostiene todavia, despues de su prematura desaparicion.