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island, Tunisia: see JerbaJerba,
, or Jarbah
, island, 197 sq mi (510 sq km), SE Tunisia, in the Mediterranean Sea at S entrance to the Gulf of Qabis. Fruit and olives are grown on the island, once identified as the land of the lotus eaters.
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an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tunisia in the southern part of the Gulf of Gabès; it belongs to Tunisia. Djerba has an area of 500 sq km; the surface is flat, and water sources are wells and cisterns. Population, 70,000 (1966). Date palms and olive trees are cultivated, and there is fishing. The principal city is Houmt-Souk.

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Djerba is home to Tunisia's main Jewish community, which numbers in the hundreds.
While many scholars and general observers were surprised at the number of Tunisians who became involved with jihadism following the country's revolution, this study of the network behind the Djerba attack makes clear that Tunisians have, in fact, played a significant role in the global jihadi movement for decades.
For now, Djerba has been largely spared the mounting violence in Tunisia, which experienced two major terrorist attacks last year.
47,000 overnight stays have been booked in the Island of Djerba to date.
com, says, “Business intelligence and research conferences such as this one typically enjoy a large number of attendees, so we're expecting the hotels in downtown Djerba to be busy in February.
The modernity of the hotels and spa resorts sit well with the historical sights on Djerba.
Two special Boeing 737-800 flights will leave Mumbai for Djerba in Tunisa via Kuwait on the 3 and 5 March 2011.
Aquamarine waters fringed by ribbons of white sand make Djerba every tourist's dream, but this Tunisian oasis offers more than the typical winter sun package.
Populated by the indigenous Berber people, the desert is accessible by car from Djerba and a guided tour around the local villages will take you back to those famous movie moments and give you an opportunity to absorb an ancient way of life.
Our winter getaway took us to the quiet resort of Djerba situated on 'the island of 10,000 palms', connected by road to the Tunisian mainland of northern Africa.
We were in Houmt-Souk, the capital of Djerba, a tiny island just off the coast of Tunisia, known as the isle of the lotus-eaters.