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Jerba, Djerba (both: jĕrˈbə), or Jarbah (järˈ–), island, 197 sq mi (510 sq km), SE Tunisia, in the Mediterranean Sea at S entrance to the Gulf of Qabis. Fruit and olives are grown on the island, once identified as the land of the lotus eaters. It was anciently an important Phoenician trading center, and much later a base for Spanish and Ottoman corsairs. The island's extensive Roman remains and beaches make the island a popular tourist destination, and the El Ghriba synagogue is the site of an annual pilgrimmage. Jerba has an international airport.
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an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tunisia in the southern part of the Gulf of Gabès; it belongs to Tunisia. Djerba has an area of 500 sq km; the surface is flat, and water sources are wells and cisterns. Population, 70,000 (1966). Date palms and olive trees are cultivated, and there is fishing. The principal city is Houmt-Souk.

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Bawaba reported that an envoy of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, arrived to the island of Djerba, Tunisia, where he met, according to informed sources, representatives from Gaddafi's government.
Summary: Libyan Foreign Minister Abdelaati Obeidi has been meeting some foreign representatives in Djerba, Tunisia, in a bid to find solutions to the Libyan crisis, Tunisia's state-run press agency TAP reported Sunday.
He said as per plan PIA would send five flights to Tripoli and one each to Djerba, Tunisia and Istanbul.
Also in a twitter statement, the Defense Department said the last of four US military flight ferrying Egyptians home had departed from Djerba, Tunisia with 328 passengers.
Marine KC-130 aircraft which departed Djerba, Tunisia carrying a total of 132
Get acquainted with a camel Picture: IAN DAGNALL A beautiful beach in Djerba, Tunisia
2 DJERBA, TUNISIA: Up and coming, with white beaches and unspoilt scenery.
On April 11, 2002, a Tunisian al-Qa'ida operative named Nizar Bin Muhammad Nasar Nawar (Sayf al-Din al-Tunisi) ignored security officers' orders to stop and drove a truck filled with liquid propane into the wall of el-Ghriba Synagogue, one of Africa's oldest Jewish synagogues, in Djerba, Tunisia. (1) Masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), (a) the attack killed 14 Germans, three Tunisians, and two Frenchmen and left 30 others injured.
He has worked in various Middle East countries and most recently in Radisson Blu Djerba, Tunisia, where he led the kitchen team at Zafferano Restaurant.
He said that on the instructions of Managing Director PIA, Nadeem Khan Yousufzai, PIA will operate five flights to Tripoli, Libya, and two flights, one each to Djerba, Tunisia and Istanbul,Turkey.The relief flights will be operated by PIA Jumbo Aircraft from March 7 to 11.
The British planes, departing from Djerba, Tunisia, will help evacuate up to 8,800 Egyptian migrants to Cairo.