Djordje Krstic

Krstić, Djordje


Born Apr. 19, 1851, in Stara Kaniža, Vojvodina; died Oct. 18, 1907, in Belgrade. Serbian painter.

Krstic studied at the Academy of Arts in Munich from 1873 to 1883. His realist paintings are noted for their romantic elements, occasional drama, and extremely gloomy color scheme (for example, The Anatomist, 1880, People’s Museum, Belgrade). Krstic, who traveled throughout Serbia, painted scenes from the life of the people and landscapes (The Small Town of Baba Kaj, 1907, People’s Museum). His works included plein air studies from nature. Krstic also did icons, historical compositions, and portraits.


Djurič, V. Djordje Krstif. Belgrade, 1957.