Dmiterko, Liubomir Dmitrievich

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Dmiterko, Liubomir Dmitrievich


Born Mar. 5 (18), 1911, in Vinniki, present-day L’vov Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Ukrainian Soviet writer. Member of the CPSU since 1943.

Dmiterko was the son of a schoolteacher. He was first published in 1928. His first book of poems, I Am Coming, was published in 1930. Folk heroism, socialist labor, the struggle for peace, and the battle against imperialism are the main themes of his work. The play General Vatutin (1947) and the historical drama Together Forever (1949-51) have become widely known. The plays Human Ways (1954), In a Golden Frame (1958), A Maiden’s Fate (1959), and Judgment of the Heart (1969) are devoted to the problems of morality in modern Soviet society. The plays of Dmiterko are full of drama and are written in an elevated romantic style. Dmiterko is also the author of the novels Parting (1957), The Bridge Over the Abyss (1966), and Through Days and Nights (1968), as well as a number of sketches. His works have been translated into many languages spoken in the Soviet Union and other foreign languages. Since 1962, Dmiterko has been the editor of the magazine Vitchyzna.


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