Dmitrii Ivanovich Zorin

Zorin, Dmitrii Ivanovich


Born Aug. 5 (18), 1905, in the village of Kuz’menovskaia, in what is now Kinel’-Cherkassy Raion, Kuibyshev Oblast; died Nov. 25, 1967, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer. Educated as a lawyer.

Zorin was first published in 1927. His first long work was the novel The Turning Point (1931), describing the class struggle in a village beyond the Urals. His plays The Eternal Source (1957) and Spring Thunder (1961) constitute a two-part work devoted to the life of peasants in the Soviet period., In the first play, Zorin created a portrayal of V. I. Lenin that was evaluated by the critics as an important dramatic achievement. Zorin also wrote the plays The Return to Taras (1948), The Portrait of a Girl (1960), short stories, and essays. In 1966 he published the historical novel The Russian Land, whose theme is the revolution.


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