Dmitrii Maslovskii

Maslovskii, Dmitrii Fedorovich


Born Sept. 20 (Oct. 2), 1848; died Nov. 3 (15), 1894, in St. Petersburg. Russian military historian; major general (1891).

Maslovskii graduated from the Academy of the General Staff in 1873. In 1885 he became an adjunct professor, and later a full professor, of the Academy of the General Staff; from 1890 he served as head of the subdepartment of history of the Russian art of war. The founder of what is called the Russian school of military history, he opposed an uncritical approach to Western military authorities and emphasized the uniqueness of the Russian art of war and the necessity of studying it on the basis of authentic documents. His principal work was The Russian Army in the Seven Years’ War (issues 1-3, 1886-91). A number of collections of documents on Russian military history were published under Maslovskii’s editorship. He was also the author of many works and articles in periodical military history publications.


Zapiskipo istorii voennogo iskusstva v Rossii (1683-1794), issues 1-2. St. Petersburg, 1891-94.