Dmitrii Mertvago

Mertvago, Dmitrii Borisovich


Born Aug. 5 (16), 1760, in Alatyr’ District, Simbirsk Province; died June 23 (July 5), 1824, in Moscow. Russian state figure and memoirist. Son of dvoriane (nobility or gentry).

Mertvago was governor of Tauride Province from 1803 to 1807 and became a senator in 1817. Upon G. R. Derzhavin’s advice, he wrote Notes, which contain valuable information on the peasant war led by E. I. Pugachev, on Arakcheevshchina, and on many state figures of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Mertvago presented a reactionary interpretation of political events.


“Zapiski.” Russkii arkhiv, 1867, nos. 8–9.