Dmitrii Mikhailovich Bobrok-Volynskii

Bobrok-Volynskii, Dmitrii Mikhailovich


Lived during the second half of the 14th century. Born in the late 1370’s or early 1380’s in Volyn’ia. Prince.

Bobrok-Volynskii was one of the boyars closest to the grand prince of Moscow Dmitrii Ivanovich Donskoi. He was married to Dmitrii Donskoi’s sister Anna. He took part in campaigns against the Lithuanians and the Bulgars. At the Battle of Kulikovo (1380), Bobrok-Volynskii and Prince Vladimir Andreevich Serpukhovskii commanded a reserve regiment. By holding out, Bobrok-Volynskii ensured the timeliness of the attack that decided the battle in favor of the Russians.