Dmitrii Miliutenko

Miliutenko, Dmitrii Emel’ianovich


Born Feb. 9 (21), 1899, in Slaviansk, present-day Donetsk Oblast; died Jan. 25, 1966, in Tashkent. Ukrainian Soviet actor. People’s Artist of the USSR (1960). Member of the CPSU (1942).

Miliutenko began his acting career as a member of amateur groups. In 1923 he became an actor at the I. Franko Drama Theater (in luzovka and Kharkov). From 1927 to 1936 he performed at the T. G. Shevchenko Khar’kov Ukrainian Theater (known as BereziP until 1934) and from 1936 to 1966 at the I. Franko Ukrainian Theater.

Miliutenko’s stage roles included Puzyr’ in Karpenko-Karyi’s The Master, Mikola Zadorozhnyi in Franko’s Stolen Happiness, Chesnok in Korneichuk’s In the Steppes of the Ukraine, the voevoda in Kocherga’s Svichka’s Wedding, Shuiskii in Pushkin’s Boris Godunov, and the fool in Shakespeare’s King Lear. His film roles included Hetman Pototskii in Bogdan Khmel’nitskii (1941), Berezhnoi in The Exploit of an Intelligence Agent (1947), Uskov in Taras Shevchenko(1951), Uncle Ivan in The Dream (1964), and Makar Zadorozhnyi in Our Honest Bread (1965). Miliutenko was awarded the Order of Lenin and a number of medals.


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