Dmitrii Shchepin-Rostovskii

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Shchepin-Rostovskii, Dmitrii Aleksandrovich


Born 1798; died Oct. 22 (Nov. 3), 1858, in Shuia. Decembrist. Captain in the Moscow Life Guards Regiment. Prince.

Shchepin-Rostovskii graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps. Although he was not formally a member of any of the Decembrists’ secret societies, he attended meetings at the homes of K. F. Ryleev and E. P. Obolenskii, where the plans for the uprising were discussed. On Dec. 14, 1825, Shchepin-Rostovskii, along with A. A. Bestuzhev and M. A. Bestuzhev, led the soldiers of the Moscow Regiment onto Senate Square. Sentenced to 20 years at hard labor, he was confined to the Chita stockade until 1839, when he was moved to a settlement in Eneseisk Province to serve the remainder of his sentence. Shchepin-Rostovskii returned to Yaroslavl Province after the amnesty of 1856 and moved to Shuia in 1858.

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