Dmitrii Timofeevich Trubetskoi

Trubetskoi, Dmitrii Timofeevich


Date of birth unknown; died June 24,1625. Russian political and military figure; prince.

Trubetskoi is first mentioned in historical sources in December 1608, when he defected to the Tushino camp after a battle on the Khodynka. He became a boyar under the Second False Dmitrii. In 1611 he helped organize and lead the First Volunteer Corps. After discord had divided the corps in June 1611, he remained with I. M. Zarutskii at the head of the fortified camps that were blockading the Polish garrison. In late September, after his detachments had merged with the forces of the Second Volunteer Corps, he headed a provisional Russian government together with Prince D. M. Pozharskii. At the zemskii sobor of 1613, Trubetskoi was a candidate for the Russian throne. After 1613 he played no active role in politics.


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