Dmitrii Vasilevich Sterlegov

Sterlegov, Dmitrii Vasil’evich


Born circa 1707; died 1757. Russian mariner.

In the years 1734–2, Sterlegov took part in the Second Kamchatka Expedition in the detachments led by D. Ovtsyn and F. Minin. He carried out a survey and took measurements in the southern part of Ob’ Bay (1734—36) and surveyed the Brekhov Islands in the estuary of the Enisei (1738–39). In 1740, Sterlegov proceeded from Turukhansk along the Enisei and then followed the seacoast eastward to latitude 75°20’; he surveyed the western coast of the Taimyr Peninsula from Cape Severo-Vostochnyi to Cape Sterlegov.