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Dmitrov (dəmēˈtrəf), city, N central European Russia, on the Moscow Canal. Dmitrov was founded in 1154. In the 13th cent. it became the capital of an independent duchy that was united with the grand duchy of Moscow in 1472. Landmarks include the 16th-century cathedral of the Borisglebsky Monastery, the 16th-century Uspensky Cathedral, and remains of an old kremlin.
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a city in Moscow Oblast, RSFSR. Situated on the lakhroma River (Volga Basin), Dmitrov has a railroad station 65 km north of Moscow and wharves on the Moscow Canal. Population, 44,000 (1970). It was founded in 1154 by lurii Dolgorukii. In the 13th century Dmitrov was the center of an independent principality; in the 14th century it was joined to Moscow.

The leading place in industry belongs to machine manufacture; plants in Dmitrov produce milling machines, excavators, and experimental machinery. The building materials industry is highly developed; there is a factory producing reinforced-concrete bridge assemblies and a house-building combine. Other plants produce gloves and do offset printing. There is a fishing technicum, a construction technicum, and a medical school.

Architectural landmarks include the Uspenskii Cathedral (1509-23), with 16th-century tile bas-reliefs on the facades; the Boris and Gleb Monastery (16th-17th centuries); the Church of the Presentation (1766) and the Tikhvin Church (1801), both in the baroque style; and the Tugarinov house (second half of the 18th century; classicism). There is a museum of local history. The site of old Dmitrov, with an earthen embankment (more than 1,000 m in perimeter, about 15 m high) and a moat, has been preserved. In 1933-34 the construction of the fortifications was investigated; remnants of 12th-century wooden-frame dwellings with clay ovens were uncovered at the site, as were a smithy, a bloomery, and a store. Many objects characteristic of the economy and everyday life of the city in the 12th and 13th centuries were found.


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