Dmokhovskii, Lev

Dmokhovskii, Lev Adol’fovich


Born circa 1850 in St. Petersburg Province; died Dec. 21, 1881 (Jan. 2, 1882). Russian revolutionary; a Narodnik (Populist).

Dmokhovskii was the son of a nobleman who owned a small estate. He graduated from the Technological Institute in St. Petersburg and was one of the most active members of A. V. Dolgushin’s circle. He printed proclamations in an underground printshop near Moscow and circulated them among peasants. He was arrested Sept. 27, 1873, and was sentenced on July 15, 1874, to ten years at hard labor. He was confined in the Novobelgorod Central Prison. In 1880 he was transferred to the Ķara River area but died on the way in the Irkutsk Prison.


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