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[Ukr. abbr.,=Dnieper hydroelectric station], Rus. Dneproges, a hydroelectric station, central Ukraine, on the Dnieper River near Zaporizhzhya. The hydroelectric station supplies power for the industrial centers of Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Kryvyy Rih, and
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, hydroelectric station.
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9 million for the Stalin auto factory, 31 million for Dneprostroi, 22.
Ships being redeployed via the Panama Canal to the Atlantic included Ashkhabad, Belomorkanal, Dekabrist, Dneprostroi, Dvinoles, Friedrich Engels, Kiev, Kolkhosnik, Komiles, Michurin, Nevastroi, Petrovskii, Shchors, and Tblisi.
In the last scene "the White Sea Canal, Dneprostroi, the subway" Lenin's dreams are realized.
It is an open secret in the USSR that Dneprostroi has no economic base and was constructed purely for political reasons, for display purposes.
Dneprostroi, the Moscow subway, the various water system projects, are all in absolute controversy with common sense and sound economics.
1932 Dneprostroi Dam is inaugurated in the Ukraine.
Huge construction projects--the Stalingrad Tractor Factory, the Rostov-on-Don agricultural machinery plant, the Turksib railroad--were brought to completion in these years, and still others, like the Dneprostroi Hydroelectric Plant, were well on their way.
Its earnings covered more than one-fifth of the cost of all Soviet imports in those years, or, as Osokina tells us, the equivalent of all imported equipment for the Gor'kii and Stalin automobile factories; the Stalingrad, Cheliabinsk, and Khar'kov tractor factories; the Magnitogorsk and Kuznetsk iron and steel works; the Uralmash machine factory; and the Dneprostroi hydroelectric dam (227).