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river: see DniesterDniester
, Ukr. Dnister, Moldovan Nistru, Rus. Dnestr, Rom. Nistrul, Turk. Turla, river, c.850 mi (1,370 km) long, forming part of the border between Ukraine and Moldova. It rises in the Carpathian Mts.
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On the other hand, Romania tried to push the border in another direction, in order to move it just a little bit further, yet not settle on the other side of the border, and to export this perspective, which showed all their differences, to the South, on the other side of the Danube and into the East, on the other sides of the rivers Pruth and Dnister. The picturesque in the Romanian culture is to be understood as an answer to the repeated social and historical exclusions, as well as their positivation (Muthu 66, 93).
UKRAINE: Lvivska Oblast: 1 [??], Dnister River, SE Sambir (49[degrees]28'N, 23[degrees]03'E), 21 September 1995, S.
Prequalification are invited for Consulting Services For A Project To Improve Urban Wastewater Management And The Development Of Water Supply In The Municipalities Along The Dnister, Including Assistance With The Selection / Preparation Of Priority Investment Measures, Including Technical Planning And Cost Estimation, Investigation Of The Possibility Of Public-private Partnerships Citizen-oriented Short-term And Medium-term Investment Plans, Etc
LOT 1: High Voltage Bushings for power transformers of Dnister HPP: 110kV 6 pcs., 330kV 6 pcs.:
So, last week we saw the launch of the second unit of Dnister hydro-power station.