Do Muoi

Do Muoi,

1917–2018, Vietnamese political leader, originally named Nguyen Duy Cong. He joined the fight against French rule as a teenager, became a Communist party member in 1939, and was imprisoned by the French during World War II. After the war and Vietnamese independence, he rose in the party and North Vietnamese government, becoming deputy prime minister in 1969 during the Vietnam WarVietnam War,
conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government forces aided by the United States and guerrilla forces aided by North Vietnam. The war began soon after the Geneva Conference provisionally divided (1954) Vietnam at 17° N lat.
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. Afterwards, he unsuccessfully tried to integrate the North and South economic systems, leading to an economic downturm; the 1978 purge of capitalists led thousands of business owners to flee the country. A full Politburo member from 1986, he served as prime minister (1988–91), then was Communist party general secretary (1991–97) during the country's gradual economic liberalization.
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Vietnam's former Communist Party leader Do Muoi, a revolutionary who broke out of a French prison and later led the controversial push to dismantle private businesses after the Vietnam War, died late Monday at age 101, officials said.
None of the ruling troika, General Secretary Do Muoi, President Le Duc Anh, and Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet was willing to voluntarily retire without concurrent moves by the other two.
2 figure in the Chinese Communist Party, is scheduled to meet with former Vietnamese Communist Party chiefs Do Muoi and Le Kha Phieu, according to Vietnam's Foreign Ministry.
Then Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet visited in May 1994 and then Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Do Muoi paid a visit in May 1997.
in the structure of the commodity-based economy for the advance toward socialism." A "rereading" of "Leninist thought" had led to the discovery of "universal laws of commodity production," which, according to then Prime Minister (now Party Secretary) Do Muoi, justified operating the economy on "market principles" that would "help invent new forms of transition" to socialism.
Even Premier Do Muoi, long perceived as a main opponent, now declares his support.
The VCP then elected Do Muoi, thought to be a hardliner, as General Secretary.
Former party General Secretary Do Muoi, speaking to reporters on the second day of the party's four-day congress, told reporters the 70-year-old Phieu intends to relinquish the top party post to open the way for younger generations to run the country.
Ba, a brother-in-law of former party chief Do Muoi, came under strong criticism for his role in smuggling cases before the party's eighth congress in 1996, but managed to stay in his position up to now, the sources said, adding, however, this might signal a downgrade in Muoi's influence and prestige.