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, Rom. Dobrogea, Bulg. Dobrudza, historic region, c.9,000 sq mi (23,300 sq km), SE Europe, in SE Romania and NE Bulgaria, between the lower Danube River and the Black Sea.
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Due to its imperial policy and the commercial ties with the Byzantine world, Dobrogea maintained its religious ties with Constantinople.
Most of them are from Romania, and the focus of their study is the Dobrogea and Danube Delta on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea.
A chronicle regarding the Seljuq dynasty, completed in 1424, records the first colonization of the South-Eastern part of the Romanian territory (Dobrogea) by a group of tens of thousands of Anatolian Turkmen Muslims between 1263-1264.
Under these circumstances, although they continued to be in favour of keeping the status quo, the Romanian authorities searched for a solution in case it changed, by making an amendment to the Dobrogea border, which hadn't been solved in its favour in 1878.
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In terms of the hierarchy of the landscape, the area of Casimcea commune is circumscribed to the landscape macrounit of Central Dobrogea Plateau.
To the south, German General August von Mackensen led German, Bulgarian, and Turkish troops through the Dobrogea and into the heart of Romania.
Located in the Dobrogea region of Romania, Constanta is the biggest port city of Black Sea, Constanta has an approximately 120,000 year history, dating from the Paleolithic era and making it the oldest settlement in the region.
Romanians and Bulgarians fear that plans of US energy giant Chevron to explore for shell gas might lead to pollution in the Dobrudzha (Dobrogea) region their share.
(7) This means that Romania has the highest wind energy potential in South East Europe, while Dobrogea ranks second among the entire continent (8).
While the EBRD would lend EUR31m for the 80 megawatt wind project that is located in the Dobrogea region, Erste Group Bank AG (EBS), ING Groep NV (INGA) and UniCredit Bank Austria AG are to lend a combined EUR60m.