Poland: see HohenfriedebergHohenfriedeberg
, Pol. Dobromierz, town, Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. In 1745 it was the site of the victory of Frederick II of Prussia over the Austrian and Saxon forces in the War of the Austrian Succession. Hohenfriedeberg was ceded to Poland after World War II.
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Part II: "Construction of a ferry and culvert in Dobromierz Forestry"
The field session to the "Dobromierz" geodynamic network and "Ksiaz" seismologic observatory was included into the programme.
Principal battles: Mollwitz (Molujowice near Breg) (1741); Hohen-Friedberg (Dobromierz near Strzegom) (1745); Lobositz (Lovosice) (1756); Prague, Rossbach (near Merseberg), Leuthen (Lutynia near Wroclaw) (1757); Zorndorf (near Kostrzyn) (1758); Kunersdorf (Kunowice) (1759); Torgau (1760).
Contract awarded for Purchase of a specialized rescue and firefighting vehicle for the unit from ksrg osp dobromierz
for the DOBROMIERZ network (Cacon et al., 2002; Kaplon, 2008).
The studied fragment of the SMF between Zloty Stok and Dobromierz is 77 km long and can be subdivided into six segments basing on two criteria: the changeable orientation of the mountain front, and the variable orientation of thalwegs of valleys that dissect the scarp.
Principal battles: Rothschloss (1741); Hohenfriedberg (Dobromierz near Strzgom), Katolisch-Hennersdorf (near Luban) (1745); Prague, Kolin, Breslau, Leuthen (Lutynia near Wroclaw) (1757); Hochkirch (near Lobau) (1758); Liegnitz (Legnica), Torgau (1760).
Fire-fighting and the budget of the Dobromierz Commune.
At the foot of the Sudetic mountain front cut by the SMF, two large (Dobromierz, Javornik) and two minor (Sichow, Swiebodzice) fault steps occur.
The "Dobromierz" geodynamic network was established in 2001 (Cacon et.
1 point 1 of the act of 28.9.1991 on forests (consolidated text: Journal of laws of 2017, Item 788, As amended) - hereinafter: "law on forests") covering works in the field of breeding and protection forestry, Fire protection, Harvesting and skidding, And seed production, To be carried out in the jawor forest district in dzierzkw and dobromierz forestry in 2019.