a city (since 1939) in Staryi Sambor Raion, L’vov Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, situated at the foot of the Carpathians, on the Virva River (Vistula River basin), 6 km from the Khyrov railroad station. Its industries include the woodworking industry and the food industry (a brewery, a bread-baking plant). Dobromil’ has been known since the early 16th century.

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(8) Kurzweil's father came from the once Polish town of Dobromil, which became Dobromyl' in Ukraine after the war and the Stalinist government's forcible shifting of Poland's borders.
4 - Services in the field of forestry in Forestry Dobromil and Dalk?w, L?dz Voivodeship - 10 300 words ten thousand;
Goldie was the daughter of Bella (Dobromil) and Joseph Bart.
Where do you think I was born, in Dobromil south of Lemberg maybe?"