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(1) See digital media server.

(2) (Document Management System) See document management.

(3) (Digital Media Server) A DLNA-certified computer or network attached storage device (NAS) that holds multimedia content. See DLNA.

(4) (Defense Messaging System) An X.500-compliant messaging system developed by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. It is used by all the branches of the armed forces as well as federal agencies involved with security.

(5) (Desktop Management Suite) A collection of software administration and backup programs for Windows from Seagate Software.

(6) (Digital Multiplex System) A family of digital switches and gateways from Nortel Networks that is used in a telco central office. It includes the large local/toll exchange DMS-100/200 and small local exchange DMS-10, DMS-250 long distance switches.
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(Insert your own "Doc Martens" joke here) There is a third possible explanation, of course.
She's growing up amid armed police and army checkpoints, but she is also a regular teenager who loves The Cranberries, Doc Martens, bomber jackets, The X Files, Nirvana and Wayne's World.
Rising up from the stage floor from behind a gold curtain, Goulding started the show dressed in leather hot pants teamed with Doc Martens.
North, known as Nori, also wore a baggy grey top and Doc Martens boots - and is no doubt looking forward to some shows at NY Fashion Week.
I'M assuming that there can't be many reading this who hasn't worn a pair of Doc Martens at some time or other, or had a relation that did.
"On one night there had been a lot of trouble with skinheads ghting and, instead of banning them, because he would lose out on their beer money, he made them hand in their Doc Martens and they where walking around in their socks, still thinking they looked hard.
She was followed by the Doctor, looking dapper in his outfit of three-button wool coat, dark trousers, polished Doc Martens and white shirt with the top button done up.
The 29-year-old former model has fronted campaigns for brands including Burberry, Doc Martens, and Mulberry.
When the small but perfectly formed mosh pit warmed up, there was the wonderful sight of youthful purple-tinged mohawks colliding with the bald punk pates of yesteryear, and when the Doc Martens faced the ceiling in a bit of crowd-surfing you knew everyone was having a ball.
The band finally signed off after a four song encore, while I departed with a big bruise on the back of my head after I was hit with a few too many surfing Doc Martens.
He had a penchant for Doc Martens and has ordered boots and a pair of white brogue shoes from the Northampton-based manufacturer.
WHEN a German medic, Doc Martens, hurt his foot in a skiing accident he was given an orthopaedic shoe.