Doctors Without Borders

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Doctors Without Borders,

Fr. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), international organization that provides emergency medical assistance to people suffering from a natural or societal disaster, such as an earthquake, disease epidemic, or war. MSF was founded (1971) by a group of French doctors who felt that much international aid was often medically inadequate and too easily obstructed by legal obstacles. The group now has more than 2,000 persons providing medical care in 80 countries; MSF personnel also seek to focus media attention on problems and injustices in the areas where they serve. The organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.
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A spokesman for President Thein Sein, Ye Htut, said the government had dispatched an emergency response team with eight ambulances after the closure of the Doctors Without Borders clinics.
With DFATD s support, Doctors Without Borders is helping to meet the basic needs of up to 186,000 Ethiopians affected by recurrent drought and insecurity in Ethiopia s Somali Regional State.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaedin Boroujerdi voiced Tehran's readiness to broaden bilateral with the Doctors without Borders (MSF).
Doctors Without Borders said that "all indications" pointed to the international military coalition as responsible for the bombing and called for an independent investigation.
KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (TAP) - A hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz was badly damaged early Saturday after being hit by an American airstrike.
Doctors Without Borders, the medical charity that was operating in the hospital when it was struck, has called the incident a war crime and has pulled out of Kunduz in the aftermath of the attack.
According to QBE President and Chief Executive Officer John Rumpler, Doctors Without Borders provides services that fit well with the foundation mission.
In 2001, the author, a lab technician, worked as a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders in Ethiopia, setting up a new tuberculosis and malaria testing facility in a tent hospital and developing procedures that would work with limited resources under harsh desert conditions.
I wasn't counting, but there were four or five rockets every half an hour or 15 minutes," Anja Wolz of Doctors Without Borders said by telephone.
Doctors Without Borders even suspended its work in Misrata over allegations of torture in prisons there.
WASHINGTON, Oct 20 (KUNA) -- The Pentagon on Monday admitted that one of its armored vehicles mistakenly rammed through the gates of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan last Thursday, where 22 people died in what was also a mistaken US air raid.
It is our hope that with this donation, Doctors Without Borders will be able to respond to this catastrophe as quickly and effectively as possible.