Doctors of the Church

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Doctors of the Church:

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collective name for the Christian writers of early times whose work is considered generally orthodox. A convenient definition includes all such writers up to and including St. Gregory I (St. Gregory the Great) in the West and St.
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For Catholics, the sanctity and learning of the doctors of the church mean that they are excellent examples of knowledge and inspiration, and also point to two important dimensions of Christian life, faith and reason.
Dialogical, intertextual theological reading is communal, informed by liturgical intonations of and devotional meditations on biblical texts, framed by ongoing annotations from doctors of the church who lead apprentice Christians by the hand (i.
In olden times, the doctors of the church used to write treatises quite like this.
His achievements as a painter of landscapes, portraits, and sacred works, together with his draughtsmanship, which has recently been studied by Nicolas Sainte Fare Garnot, (1) are all splendidly illustrated, often for the first time in colour (as is the case with the lamentably preserved Four Doctors of the Church on the pendentives of the Church of the Sorbonne, on pp.
It also includes the precious first (bone) and second (clothes) class relics of 56 other saints including the 12 Apostles, 10 Doctors of the Church, 10 Founders of Religious Congregations and many more,' Radyo Veritas said.
Even though four women have been declared doctors of the church and the pope refers to "feminine genius," the scales are not completely balanced.
Thomas Aquinas as the greatest Doctors of the Church by Pope Sixtus V.
John of Avila as Doctors of the Church on October 7, at the beginning of the Bishops' Synod on the New Evangelization.
John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, both Doctors of the church, were investigated and imprisoned by the Inquisition in their native Spain because of their dangerous "mental prayer.
Despite her expressed concern for justice, Farley is not very just to the Doctors of the Church.
Both have been declared Doctors of the Church, two of only four women-all 35 others are men.

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