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1. A decorative embellishment, such as a molding around one corner of a door, window, or fireplace opening, that somewhat resembles a squared-off ear; especially popular during the latter half of the 18th century; also called a dog’s ear.
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There are a variety of things which may irritate your dog's ear.
Normally, a dog's ear has very little or no discharge, and what little you may observe is a beige/yellow waxy substance.
It's best to inspect your dog's ears weekly if he has a history of ear problems or belongs to a breed prone to them.
Of course, a passer-by may not be too inclined to listen to the dog's ear if Fido was a rotweiller, but you get the idea.
Griffiths, of Bridge Street, Southsea, Wrexham, told the court he was the victim of an attack and claimed the alleged attacker had cut his dog's ears off while he was unconscious.
To prevent ear infections, check your dog's ears regularly for abnormal discharge, odour or redness; clean the outer ear gently with a cotton ball dampened with a solution suggested by your vet; after baths and swimming be sure to dry your dog's ears thoroughly and if your dog has excessive hair in the outer ear canal, it should be removed.
Both of the dog's ears had been sliced off and he also had pieces of black electrical tape stuck to his legs and on his back.
Normally a dog's ears will not become a problem as long as they are kept clean.
Make separate patterns for ram's horns and dog's ears.
WHAT is the best way to make sure my dog's ears are healthy?
But they're capable of causing gigantic problems if they make themselves at home in your dog's ears and prepare to thrive there.