Dog Clutch

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dog clutch

[′dȯg ‚kləch]
(design engineering)
A clutch in which projections on one part fit into recesses on the other part.
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Dog Clutch


a device consisting of two parts (half-clutches) whose end faces have projections (lugs) and notches that mesh. Dog clutches are usually used for coupling and uncoupling two shafts or to couple a shaft with a component that rests freely on it, such as a gear or pulley.

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(2) World's first adoption of a disconnect mechanism that uses a ratchet-type dog clutch on both the front and rear wheel shafts for disconnection.
Quattro Means Magnificence: The AWD system offered in the Q5 is embedded with an electro-mechanical clutch that is situated close to gearbox and a dog clutch located at the rear differential.
Heavy-duty planetary axles ensure longevity in the toughest conditions, and the front and rear 100 percent differential locks feature a dog clutch design that improves grip and maintains maximum traction on all topography.
A dog clutch activates the front-wheel drive in just half a second.
The tool has high durability thanks to its Rocking Dog clutch mechanism, which is encapsulated with grease for constant lubrication, and its plain steel motor parts.
The capsule range starts at PS129 for The Scottie dog clutch, in stores and online now (
The F-Series is fitted with four "dog clutch" differential locks - one longitudinal in the drop box and three transversal in the axles, which help maximize grip in difficult conditions.
The 114 axle also has hydraulic-locking differential options, including dog clutch and multi-disc clutch along with a failsafe park brake featuring internal negative SAHR, inboard liquid-cooled brakes and a range of driveshaft end-fitting options.
Hydraulic locking differential options--including dog clutch and multidisc clutch, and a failsafe park brake with internal negative spring apply, hydraulic release--are designed to provide a balance of advanced technology and enhanced reliability.