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(dōgän`), African people who live on the bend of the Niger River in the Republic of Mali in West Africa. A patrilineal, sedentary agricultural people, they number over 360,000. They depend mainly on grain crops for their food. Believed to be the original inhabitants of the Niger valley, they lived for thousands of years in completely isolated villages cut out of the cliffs of the Hombori Mts. Many still live in these inaccessible rock caves. The Dogon are known for their art work, which is highly prized.


See M. Griaule, Conversations with Ogotemmêli (1965); K. Ezra, Art of the Dogon (1988).



(Dogom), a people living in the Republic of Mali in the Bandiagara Plateau region. There were over 300,000 Dogon according to a 1967 estimate. Linguistically they belong to the Gur group (central Bantoid). About 50 percent of the Dogon are Moslems; the remainder retain their ancient traditional beliefs. Agriculture is their basic occupation; in some areas irrigation is used. They also herd cattle.


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The key transitional book in this line of poetic invention is The Double Invention of Komo (1980; reprinted in Transfigurations), which creates a semiotics and historical narrative from Dogon mythology.
Koguem cherche a reconnaitre dans les animaux exposes ceux qui sont presents au pays dogon; Griaule note sur son carnet leurs noms dogon et scientifique, ainsi que quelques renseignements ethnographiques.
Chapters are: wrapping and unwrapping, concepts and approaches; aspects of baby wrappings; wrapping and tying ancient Egyptian New Kingdom dresses; reconceptualizing shapes and bodies; wrapping and unwrapping the body; wrapping the dead; wrapped up for safe keeping; wrapping as an element of early Celtic burial customs; wrapping the wrapped; wild silk textiles of the Dogon people of Mali; unveiling clay and metal; wrapped in images.
That's the message from Sotheby's, which says there is a bull market for artwork from Africa right now and that investing in, say, a Dogon fertility statue from Mali or a Dan mask from Liberia is a better bet than investing in blue chip stocks.
In the Dogon society in East Central Mali for example, 'bush' is the realm of the pale fox which is the first child of the creator god Amma and Mother-Earth (Varady:2012:l).
France condemns the attack committed November 20 in Dogon Baga, in north-east Nigeria, which caused numerous victims," the Foreign Ministry said.
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If you must include an African, make sure you get one in Masai or Zulu or Dogon dress.
Dogon epistemology does that by incorporating a "reality" that exists beyond the five senses.
McPherson presents a grammar of Tommo So, a member of the Dogon language family that is spoken on the central plateau of Mali by an estimated 40-60,000 people.
Following the Be-Bop artists like Monk, Bird and Miles, the works of Magritte, Fellini and the abstract expressionists, I seek to advance the legacies of Romare Bearden, Charles White and Jacob Lawrence while paying homage to the Dogon and ancestral Africa in the cubist language of Picasso.
Elvan's lawyer filed a complaint on Friday for "attempted murder" against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Interior Minister Muammer Guler, Istanbul governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu, and the city's chief of police, Huseyin CapkEaAn, Dogon news agency reported.