Dolgoryn Manibadar

Manibadar, Dolgoryn


Born 1889; died 1963. Mongolian painter; one of the reformers of national painting.

Manibadar was a pupil of B. Sharav. Without abandoning the traditions of national art, he used several devices from European painting, such as chiaroscuro and linear perspective. Manibadar painted portraits in gouache of Sukhe-Bator (1944) and Choibalsan (1945)—both are in the Museum of Fine Arts of the Mongolian People’s Republic in Ulan Bator. He also did the ceilings in the Sukhe-Bator and Choibalsan museums and the Theater of Opera and Ballet in Ulan Bator (1940’s). Manibadar did a cycle of sketches using national ornament.