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Display Oriented Language. Subsystem of DOCUS. Sammet 1969, p.678.
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(dul, doul), an Uzbek and Tadzhik percussion instrument, which consisted of a two-sided drum and a wooden drumstick with a knob at the end. The dol is no longer used.

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Within these constraints, DOL has provided the services and results expected by the American people.
Since 2001, DOL has received more than 111,000 filings from retirement and health benefit plan officials and administrators who want to self-correct plan violations through the agency's voluntary compliance programs.
The continuity DOL has had in leadership under Secretary Chao has supported the achievement of these programmatic successes since 2001 and will equally benefit its transition efforts to a new administration in January 2009.
In addition, the average length of stay for DOL's current presidential appointees is almost four years and that reflects service in their current positions requiring presidential appointment with the advice and consent of the Senate (PAS positions).
As a further indication of the changes brought to DOL during the long tenure of Secretary Chao, 67.5 percent of the career SES members have been appointed during her tenure and have an average of 23.1 years in the federal government.