Domain Name System

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domain name system

[dō‚mān ′nām ‚sis·təm]
(computer science)
Abbreviated DNS.
A system used on the Internet to map the easily remembered names of host computers (domain names) to their respective Internet Protocol (IP) numbers.
A software database program that converts domain names to Internet Protocol addresses, and vice versa.

Domain Name System

(DNS) A general-purpose distributed, replicated, data query service chiefly used on Internet for translating hostnames into Internet addresses. Also, the style of hostname used on the Internet, though such a name is properly called a fully qualified domain name. DNS can be configured to use a sequence of name servers, based on the domains in the name being looked for, until a match is found.

The name resolution client (e.g. Unix's gethostbyname() library function) can be configured to search for host information in the following order: first in the local hosts file, second in NIS and third in DNS. This sequencing of Naming Services is sometimes called "name service switching". Under Solaris is configured in the file /etc/nsswitch.conf.

DNS can be queried interactively using the command nslookup. It is defined in STD 13, RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 1591.

BIND is a common DNS server.

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