Domain Analysis

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Domain Analysis

(systems analysis)
1. Determining the operations, data objects, properties and abstractions appropriate for designing solutions to problems in a given domain.

2. The domain engineering activity in which domain knowledge is studied and formalised as a domain definition and a domain specification. A software reuse approach that involves combining software components, subsystems, etc., into a single application system.

3. The process of identifying, collecting organising, analysing and representing a domain model and software architecture from the study of existing systems, underlying theory, emerging technology and development histories within the domain of interest.

4. The analysis of systems within a domain to discover commonalities and differences among them.
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Instructional Domain Analysis is an analysis approach based on defining an instructional domain model that specifies the domain knowledge.
Several methods were used, including frequency domain analysis, speed excitation using in-service loads plus a transfer function and direct fatigue simulation.
The Advanced 3D capability supplements MPA's patented Dual Domain analysis for thin-shell parts to increase the range of models that can be accurately analyzed by MPA.
(Results) Using domain analysis, two major themes were identified, including positioning and pedagogy.
The following steps were appropriate to the students' language levels: 1) locating informants, 2) interviewing informants, 3) making an ethnographic record, 4) asking descriptive questions, 5) analyzing interviews, 6) making a domain analysis, and 7) discovering cultural themes.
Work domain analysis (WDA) is one of the frameworks of CWA (Rasmussen, 1985; Rasmussen, Pejtersen, & Goodstein, 1994) and can be used to gather work domain constraints as part of a cognitive engineering design process.
In addition, this information will support the Acquisition Domain Analysis of Alternatives process and serve as the basis for the analysis that will determine the design of the future acquisition enterprise.
Through domain analysis, a theme became evident--transformation became the common thread of the Girl Scout outdoor professional.
He criticizes antirealism, idealism, or nominalism as absolute methods for information science, outlining support for his theory of domain analysis and its pragmatic investigation of knowledge: "[a] philosophy is not something that you just choose, it is something you work out or construe in order to solve problems related to your field of study and your profession." Thellefsen introduces his method for investigating the knowledge domain using Peircean semiotics, an intriguing and innovative basis in pragmatics for knowledge organization termed "knowledge profiling." His work may provide an exemplar for the design and problem-solving character of an applied PI in the realm of concepts and categories.
AFV, our breakthrough technology, offers an environment where engineers can carry out advanced verification, like FSM deadlock detection and multiple clock domain analysis, without complex property creation.
"This release of @Verifier also includes improvements to increase verification productivity by automatically identifying many other synchronization schemes during clock domain analysis. Additionally, failing properties from @Verifier can be debugged more rapidly due to the tight coupling with logic cone tracing now available in our @Designer product," stated Tarak Parikh, @HDL Vice President of Product Engineering.