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(dōm), peak, 14,942 ft (4,554 m) high, Valais canton, S Switzerland, in the Mischabelhörner group. It is the highest peak entirely in Switzerland.



(1) See disk on module.

(2) (Document Object Model) A programming interface (API) from the W3C that lets applications and scripts access the content of HTML, XML and XHTML files in a hierarchical tree structure. The DOM was introduced in 1998.

A Web Page Looks Like a Tree
The DOM implementation lays out the tags in the Web page as a hierarchical tree. In 2000, Level 2 (DOM2) gave the programmer a standard way to handle events associated with elements such as mouse down, mouse click and mouse over. Events may be preprocessed at any tag location from the top of the tree to the target tag at the bottom ("capture" phase) and then back up ("bubbling" phase). These phases were implemented to be backward compatible with earlier Netscape and IE browsers.

XML Data Looks Like a Database
The DOM converts XML documents into a hierarchical node tree in memory that looks like a database record. The node tree allows updating in a similar manner to database updating, making data exchange between XML documents and databases more straightforward. Without DOM turning the document into an object model and handling the updating, the text and tags in an XML document would have to be scanned sequentially and rearranged by the program. See DOM implementation, DOM application, SAX and object model.

Nodes in an XML Record
DOM converts (parses) an XML document into a hierarchical node tree. Writing an XML update program is then similar to writing a database update program, using the same kinds of functions available in a database management system (DBMS).
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Objections to the application have been raised by the Gwern y Domen Conservation Group, who have been involved in a number of campaigns against developments in the Caerphilly area.
He said: "I am horrified to hear Caerphilly county borough council is proposing to move its current settlement boundaries to allow for houses to be built on valuable greenfield land on and around Gwern y Domen and Plasnewydd Farm.
A world-first in packaging, a new form of recyclable plastic that incorporates sea plastic, post-consumer recyclables and plant-based plastic, came about when Tom Domen, Long Term Innovation Manager at Ecover, was looking for a packaging solution that could make a long term positive contribution to the environment.
We need to rethink recycling and get serious about creating a real circular economy," Domen said.
According to Tom Domen, long-term innovations manager at Kcover USA, generally speaking, natural scents do contain more allergens than synthetic scents.
Domen is a physicist with the Quality Engineering Directorate of the U.
The heroine of the epic Yttersta Domen (1788; "The Last Judgment") is Eve; in its famous opening, images of sound and light combine to evoke an intense atmosphere of death.
Objections to the application have been raised by the Gwern y Domen Conservation Group, which has been involved in a number of campaigns against developments in the Caerphilly area.
Italian National Championships Road Race: Agnoli Valerio, Manuele Boaro, NiccolE Bonifazio, Sonny Colbrelli, Enrico Gasparotto, Antonio Nibali, Vincenzo Nibali, Giovanni Visconti Individual Time Trial: Manuele Boaro Spanish National Championships Road Race: Ion Ander Insausti, Ion Izagirre, Ivan Cortina, Javier Moreno Individual Time Trial: Ion Izagirre, Ion Ander Insausti Slovenian National Championships Road Race: Grega Bole, Borut Bozic, Janez Brajkovic, Luka Pibernik, David Per, Domen Novak https://ssl.
Huw Edwards, un o ddarlledwyr newyddion amlyca'r BBC, sy'n edrych ar sut y gwnaeth pobl y pentref glofaol yn Ne Cymru ymladd dros ddegawdau lawer am gyfiawnder ar ol i wastraff o domen lo ddisgyn ar ysgol gynradd leol Pantglas gan ladd 116 o blant a 28 o oedolion.
Among the interlocking circumstantial evidence cited by the DOJ was the testimony of housemaid Chona Domen who gave details of the supposed illicit relationship of Guerrero and De Guzman.