Domestic Rental

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Domestic Rental


under Soviet law, one of the types of contracts for leasing property according to which special socialist organizations supply citizens with household items (washing and sewing machines, vacuum cleaners), musical instruments, athletic equipment, and other articles for temporary use in return for payment.

The basic principles of domestic rental are fixed in the 1961 Basic Principles of Civil Legislation and in the civil codes of the Union republics. The conditions and rules of domestic rental are regulated in greater detail by model contracts ratified by the councils of ministers of the Union republics for particular types of domestic rental and by republic regulations for consumer services.

The domestic rental contract is ordinarily concluded with adult citizens who have presented a passport showing authorization to live in the particular city or raion. The rental shop must supply the property in good working condition and familiarize the renter with the directions for operating technically complex equipment. In turn, the renter must make payments for renting the property on time. He has the right to demand a reduction in payment if, because of circumstances for which he is not responsible, the conditions of use envisioned by the contract or the condition of the property substantially worsen.

Money owed on rental contracts is collected without recourse to the courts on the basis of a certified executory instrument. When the period of time envisioned by the domestic rental contract expires, the property must be returned in the same condition, taking into account normal wear and tear. If the property has been damaged, the customer must compensate for the loss unless he can prove that the damage did not occur through his fault.

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