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the predominant species in a plant community (phytocoenosis).

Species are considered dominant for a given stratum, or story, of the plant community; any story may have one or more dominants. There are three dominants, for example, in a moss-whortleberry-fir forest: green moss, whortleberry, and spruce. The so-called absolute dominance of a species is determined by the area occupied by its members in proportion to that of the sample. This measure is sometimes replaced by that of relative dominance, the ratio of the area covered by the members of a species to the area covered by all plants in a story. Dominance is also sometimes expressed by the volume of organic material represented by the species, or by the number of that species in the area. The units in plant communities—associations, formations, and so forth—are labeled according to the names of their dominant species. In the USSR about 1,500 species are found as dominant; they make up the bulk of the plant products used by man. As indicators of soil and microclimatic conditions, dominants serve as a basis of agricultural zoning.


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It's one thing to have a manipulative submissive, but it's a WHOLE different situation to have a manipulative Dominant. These types of Dominants are not someone you want to learn from and definitely not someone you want to play with.
To earn your leather was where someone, either your mentor, or your Dominant, or your community would present you with leather because they felt you earned it.
When a submissive would mentor with a Dominant, one of the first things they would learn was how to properly take care of the Dom's boots.
In addition, previous work in crayfish showed that our method of coding aggressive and submissive acts led to unambiguous identification of social rank, which was assessed by determining status-dependent priority of resource use (Herberholz et al., 2007) and by parallel expression of non-agonistic behaviors in dominants and subordinates (Herberholz et al., 2003).
In the initial phase (P1), a dominance relationship was established, for which a significant difference (Wilcoxon signed-rank test: P [less than or equal to] 0.01) in dominance indices of dominants (97.9% [+ or -] 3.4%, n =12) and subordinates (20.5% [+ or -] 9.5%, n = 12) was found.
So I would give up momentary power, but I have the power to get it back." Nonetheless, dominants and submissives do have different roles and different types of influence.
Several dominants and submissives stated that subs have most or all of the power because they are typically the ones who set the boundaries.
Tibbetts tested dominant wasps, as well as lower-ranking workers, and she altered both facial and abdominal stripes.
Months of fetish parties gave way to the realization of performance sex, which then splits into the "S&M bunnies" and "straw dominants" versus the dyed-in-the-wool "sexual outlaws." Now that fetish parties have gone mainstream, all the hardcore people have gone back underground.
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Originally in the old tradition, when people came into the community they came in as a submissive and served (mentored) with someone for several years before they were elevated to a Dominant position.
The only person you should submit to is the Dominant you are associated with.