Domingos António Sequeira

Sequeira, Domingos António


Born Mar. 10, 1768, in Belém, near Lisbon; died Mar. 7, 1837, in Rome. Portuguese painter and engraver. Leading exponent of Portuguese romanticism.

Sequeira worked in Lisbon and Porto. In 1802 he became court painter. A participant in the Revolution of 1820, he emigrated to Paris in 1823. In 1826 he moved to Rome. Sequeira’s historical and religious compositions are characterized by a free, dynamic technique and subtle lighting effects (Proclamotionof the Constitution of 1822, 1825, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Lisbon). His portraits are noted for their lyrical imagery (G. F. de Queiroz, pastel, 1823, private collection, Lisbon).


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