Dominica, Battle of 1782

Dominica, Battle of (1782)


a sea battle on April 12 off the island of Dominica (West Indies) between the British and French fleets during the war of independence in North America (1775-83). The French fleet under the command of Vice Admiral de Grasse (30 battleships) attacked the British fleet under the command of Admiral G. Rodney (36 battleships), which was blocking a landing by French forces on the island of Jamaica. Taking advantage of gaps in the formation of French ships arising from a change of wind, six British ships from the center and, later, ships from the rearguard attacked and broke through the enemy’s battle formation and, completely destroying the French battle order, decisively attacked part of the enemy’s squadron with superior forces. The French fleet, after having five ships captured by the enemy, turned and fled and did not undertake any further offensive actions.

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