Dominion Day

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Dominion Day:

see Canada DayCanada Day,
formerly Dominion Day, Canadian national holiday, celebrated July 1. It is the anniversary of the uniting in 1867 of Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia as the dominion of Canada.
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Fie had also been AWOL over Dominion Day weekend 1917 and docked pay for drunkenness.
In 1982 a bill was passed to change the name of Dominion Day to Canada Day .
1879--The first year Canadians celebrated the creation of their country--back then, it was called Dominion Day!
Igartua shows how settled was this sense of a hybrid British-Canadian identity at mid-century through scrutiny of debates associated with a new Citizenship Bill, responses to suggestions that the name of the national holiday be changed from Dominion Day to Canada Day, proposals to develop a new Canadian flag, in which national symbols such as the maple leaf might be integrated with the Union Jack, and representations of Canada in public school textbooks.
Last season, Funny Cide won the King's Point Handicap against fellow New York-breds and the Dominion Day Stakes (G3-Canada) at Woodbine.
After the evening fireworks on Dominion Day, three drunk teenagers relieved themselves on the National War Memorial in Ottawa.
It was the morning of July 1, 1958 (known then as Dominion Day), and something was about to happen that would change the ebb and flow of daily life for thousands of people in eastern Ontario.
In 1982, the name of Dominion Day (1 July) was changed to Canada Day.
This year, like every year, the "best loaf of bread" contest at the Dominion Day Bakeoff.
In 1887, he again won the coveted Dominion Day race in Calgary, as well as several others that summer.

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