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ANNIVERSARY The nameplate is tried out for size on the stripped-down Dominion of Canada locomotive at the National Railway Museum at Shildon
In short, the Dominion of Canada, as created by the Constitution
The submittal report for the 1870 public accounts included a progress report on the financial affairs of the new Dominion of Canada. By this time, the only name at the bottom of the Board of Audit submittal reports for the public accounts was that of John Langton, auditor, rather than the entire board.
Under section 146 of the Constitution Act, 1867, the Canadian Parliament--through a formal Address to the Queen--was required to indicate to the people of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory the terms and conditions of their entry into Confederation and, if the Queen (effectively the United Kingdom government) approved these measures by order-in-council, the Dominion of Canada would be permitted to acquire this vast expanse of land.
They became the Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867 The other provinces and territories joined later.
(Canadian Branch] [87096] Security National Insurance Company [87089] Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company [85739] GE Capital Mortgage Insurance Co of CA (1) [87757] Zurich Insurance Company (Canadian Branch) [85148] (1) Data purchased from Beyond 20/20 Source A M Best Statistical Study 19/12/2008)
Canon Simons said the building once represented an era "in which the Anglican Church enjoyed social eminence (in the city) and was enriched out of the material prosperity of its lay benefactors." Today, he said, Montreal is no longer the financial capital it once was of the Dominion of Canada and the Anglican Church no longer has the same influence and position it once had.
British Columbia joined the Dominion of Canada in 1871 and the subsequent construction of the Canadian Pacific railroad across the prairies and the Rockies made possible the mote rapid commercial exploitation of the province's natural resources.
Canada: Canadians celebrate Canada Day on July 1 to commemorate the anniversary of the granting of Royal Assent to the British North America Act, which created the selfgoverning dominion of Canada in 1867.
In 1876 AD, the new Dominion of Canada devised an interesting little document called The Indian Act.
The vision of a great transcontinental railway to bind together the British colonies of Upper and Lower Canada with the British settlements on the Pacific coast in British Columbia, while opening up the undeveloped prairies, was among the founding myths upon which the Dominion of Canada was built.

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