Don, Ts

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Don, Ts


(pseudonym of Tsydenzhap Dondupovich Dondubon). Born Mar. 31 (Apr. 13), 1905, in the ulus (Tatar settlement) of Aiaga, present-day Bichura Aimak, Buriat ASSR; died 1938. Soviet Buriat writer. Member of the CPSU from 1925.

The son of a peasant, Don was the people’s commissar of education of the Buriat-Mongol ASSR and editor of the newspaper Buriat-Mongoloi Unen (Buriat Pravda). His first story, “Bloody Reprisal,” appeared in 1930. In 1932, Don published the novella Lunar Eclipse—the first major work in Buriat literature—describing the class struggle in the ulus during the collectivization. His novella Poisoned by Sheep Cheese was published in 1935. Don also collected oral folk literature and wrote publicistic and critical articles.


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