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see DvinaDvina
or Western Dvina,
Ger. Düna, Latvian Daugava, Rus. Zapadnaya Dvina, river, c.635 mi (1,020 km) long, in Russia, Belarus, and Latvia.
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 (Western Dvina), river.
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At the end of the nineteenth century, the Don River valley had moved from the centre of the city to its periphery, where it acted as a receptacle of social and material wastes.
Other excellent essays attempt to describe the way in which nature, as represented by the Don River, that prodigal son of Toronto rivers, as well as by the cholera-inducing marshes of Ashbridge's Bay and the form-changing, ever dissolute Toronto Islands, were conceptualized by decision makers and commentators at the time, although the essayists sometimes find it difficult not to look back with a 21st-century perspective on those earlier debates.
By 1982 there were 21 regional and 1 national wildlife reserves in the Don River area; the Rostov State Forest and Hunting Facility is being established currently.
The Crash crew was set up near the Don River overpass, preparing to shoot the movie's climactic post-accident scene.
This summer, marigolds bloomed among the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash), and you could find prairie smoke, slender vervain, chives and wild columbine, which is native to the Don River watershed.
It was the main port for the great Genoese merchant ships (16-20), which connected there to a coastal shipping industry to Tana (now Azov, Russia) on the Don River. Trade along the Don connected Tana to Central Russia, and overland caravan routes linked it to Sarai and thence to the Far East (12,19,20).
HISTORY NOTE: About 150,000 troops fought in the Hungarian army under Nazi command at the Don River in 1944.
We walked a coastal path lined with tropical flowers and trees, spent a super afternoon at the Tiagarra Aboriginal Centre, jumped on a vintage steam train for a Don River sight-seeing trip - and at night polished off piles of seafood and stubbies (small bottles of beer).
He said that the Don River was the traditional boundary between Asia and Europe in the Middle Ages, but that the boundary has changed depending on historical circumstances.
Paul's Church, built in the early 1820s in the midst of Irish settlement on the west side of the Don River, was the only Catholic Church in Toronto and served as a cathedral when the diocese was formed.
Set in the Don River basin of southwestern Russia at the end of the czarist period, the novel traces the progress of the Cossack Gregor Melekhov from youthful lover to Red Army soldier and finally to Cossack nationalist.