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(Donati's Comet was seen in the sky in October 1858) and then when tired of us, you should go off to see dear Penrice and show its manifold charms to your wife and daughters!" Mr Morris said: "Emma was a great help to her husband and was certainly a character, describing herself in one letter to a relative as 'your cantankerous aunt'."
(4) Moreover, changes to the nature of its head and the tail added significantly to our knowledge of cometary behaviour, building on the picture assembled through the spectacles presented earlier by Donati's Comet (C/ 1858 L1), the Great Comet of 1861 (C/1861 J1, Tebbutt), and the Great Southern Comet of 1880 (C/1880 C1).
But the reported similarities between Comet Bennett and Donati's comet of 1858 gained worldwide attention early in April.