Donetsk Metallurgical Plant

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Donetsk Metallurgical Plant


(full name, V. I. Lenin Donetsk Metallurgical Plant), a major ferrous metallurgical enterprise of the USSR that produces cast iron, steel, and rolled metal goods.

Located in the city of Donetsk (Ukrainian SSR), the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant was one part of the Novorossiia Society of Coal, Iron, and Railroad Track Production, which was founded by the English capitalist J. Hughes. The first blast furnace was put into operation at the plant on Jan. 24, 1872. Workers at the plant took an active part in the revolutionary movement. Under Soviet power the plant was rebuilt on a new technological basis. During the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) it was almost completely destroyed by the fascist German invaders. After Donetsk was liberated from the occupiers in the autumn of 1943, the plant was rebuilt and expanded.

In 1970 the production of cast iron at the plant was 5.9 times greater than in 1913, steel production had risen 5.3 times over the 1913 level, and the production of rolled items was 5.5 times greater than in 1913. In 1967 the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant was named after Lenin. It has been awarded the Order of Lenin (1966) and the Order of the October Revolution (1972).


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Besides, Mechel suspended operations at Donetsk metallurgical plant, which caused a drastic fall in sales of billets.