Donetsk Polytechnic Institute

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Donetsk Polytechnic Institute


one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the Donets Basin. It trains engineers for the coal, metallurgical, electrical engineering, chemical, and other branches of industry. It traces its origin from the mining technicum founded in 1921, which was converted into the Artem Mining Institute in 1926. In 1935 the latter became the Donetsk Industrial Institute, which in 1960 was renamed the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute.

In 1971 the institute had the following departments: mining, geological surveying, mining electromechanics, mechanics, metallurgy, chemical technology, electrical engineering, and engineering economics. In addition there is a correspondence school and two evening schools. There are branches in Gorlovka and Krasnoarmeisk and general technical departments in Torez and Enakievo. The institute has 70 subdepartments, four scientific research laboratories, a computer center, a television center, and a museum. The library totals more than 1 million volumes.

During the 1971-72 academic year, the institute had about 22,000 students, more than 1,000 teachers, including 25 professors and doctors of sciences, and more than 300 docents and candidates of sciences. The activities of the prominent scientists A. N. Dinnik, L. D. Sheviakov, and D. N. Ogloblin are linked with the institute. The Donetsk Polytechnic Institute has the right to accept doctoral and candidate dissertations for defense. Since 1964 it has published the inter-branch collection Razrabotka mestorozhdenii poleznykh iskopaemykh (The Development of Mineral Deposits). During its existence the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute has graduated more than 33,000 specialists. It was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1941.


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