Dongsha Island

Dongsha Island,

South China Sea: see Pratas IslandPratas Island
, also called Dongsha Island
, in the South China Sea, controlled by Taiwan and administered as part of Kaohsiung. A national park, the island is part of an atoll and has guano deposits.
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A solar energy framework deployed by Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration (CGA) on Dongsha Island in the disputed South China Sea commenced functioning at a ceremony.
As of 0630 GMT, the latest available update, Tembin was 190 kilometres north-northeast of Dongsha island, in the South China Sea.
8) Finally, the PRC's China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Taiwan's China Petroleum Company (CPC) have agreed to "develop oil and gas ventures in the northern waters of the South China Sea near the Taiwan-controlled Dongsha Islands, or Pratas, where there are no claimants other than China and Taiwan" (Kastner 2012).