Dongsha Island

Dongsha Island,

South China Sea: see Pratas IslandPratas Island
, also called Dongsha Island
, in the South China Sea, controlled by Taiwan and administered as part of Kaohsiung. A national park, the island is part of an atoll and has guano deposits.
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As of 0630 GMT, the latest available update, Tembin was 190 kilometres north-northeast of Dongsha island, in the South China Sea.
People who had planned to take a sightseeing trip to Dongsha Island will still have to wait for two to three years before their trip can become a reality, according to a Ministry of Interior (MOI) official.
It is expected to next head toward Dongsha Island in the South China Sea, before reorganizing and heading north toward the Taiwan Strait, bringing heavy rain to northern and eastern Taiwan.
this morning, the CWB issued a sea warning for the Bashi Channel, Dongsha Island, the waters off of southeastern Taiwan and the waters around Green Island and Orchid Island.
Meanwhile, a tropical depression just southwest of Taiwan in the Bashi Channel is expected to move west-southwest in the first half of the day and enter the seas around Dongsha Island, therefore having less impact on Taiwan.
and Japan, and led a delegation of government officials on a tour of facilities on the Pratas Atoll of the Dongsha Island chain.
A tropical depression which had formed near Dongsha Island entered Fujian Province yesterday afternoon and weakened to a low-pressure system at 8 p.m.
The 'disastrous deluge' that meteorologist Wu Der-rong had predicted would strike Taiwan has begun, with southern and eastern Taiwan seeing heavy rains as the Central Weather Bureau issues heavy rain advisories for southern and central Taiwan, meanwhile a low pressure system near Dongsha Island could soon develop into a typhoon that could menace Taiwan.
The Dongsha islands, also known as the Pratas, are controlled by Taiwan and include an airport and the Dongsha Atoll National Park.
He warned that if Vietnam takes Taiping Island from Taiwan, "China will take it from Vietnam." (8) Finally, the PRC's China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Taiwan's China Petroleum Company (CPC) have agreed to "develop oil and gas ventures in the northern waters of the South China Sea near the Taiwan-controlled Dongsha Islands, or Pratas, where there are no claimants other than China and Taiwan" (Kastner 2012).